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MiC Trunk Show is an event in which MiC Sportswear presents the brand directly to our customers at designated locations, golf resorts and or hotel venues. In many cases it allows customers to preview and/or purchase merchandise before it is made available to the public on MiC online store. Typically, our clients view the merchandise; try on the new styles, place orders and MiC delivers the preordered Collection within 30-60 days. From time to time MiC designer (Melba Lee), will host the event at our sales showroom to give the customer an on hands experience of understanding the designers concept behind selecting the fabrics, design philosophy and customers can actually buy original designs (one of a-kind) seasonal prototypes or samples. MiC Trunk shows are advertised through our social media channels or may be confined to MiC customer base or those on MiC VIP mailing list.

The term “Trunk Show” is derived from the common practice of designer fashions being transported to various venues in Trunks as early as 1800-century.


Please call corporate office for Trunk Show coordinator in your area. 888-212-7890

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